Why Family Meeting is Important?


Family is the basic unit of organization of the society, it is the foundation of every nation. As with the success of every organization, having aligned goals is critical. Take note, I used the word aligned and not similar, because husbands and wives and children can have their own individual goal but the same should be aligned to the family’s goals. And, for a family to achieve that, allotting time to discuss these goals and how to achieve them is important.

I’ve been planning how and what to write on this post, because basically my thoughts were all pretty much already captured in the first paragraph. Haha! Kidding aside, I realized what a better timing for this post than as a new year’s post. So, before we go on to any details, happy new year everyone!

I’ve always read in pinterest and Instagram posts about quotes on marriage, saying that “a good marriage is not something you look for but it is something you made and make everyday”, something like that. Totally agree with it, honestly, I think this quote applies to all relationships not only marriage. For a marriage, family or any relationship to work and be fruitful, each member must contribute to its success. What better way to ensure that family members worked on the success of a family than through a meeting.

For us, it usually is not formal, and just over coffee. Depending on the agenda and its confidentiality, we usually have it over coffee. I guess the coffee helps clear our minds, make us awake and happy hence leading to more fruitful conversations.

It could also be over dinner or in a park, it can be anywhere as long as you are comfortable and can talk clearly with each other.


Looking forward to meeting this two over coffee and plan our 2018 ahead.


Let me know how you guys do it, I’d love to know some tips.


mommy a



6 thoughts on “Why Family Meeting is Important?

  1. Hindi kami macoffee ni P. Never pa ata kami nagorder ng coffee kapag kumakain kami sa labas hehe. But I agree with you na kailangan talaga ng talk outside our home. Nakakarefresh. Pag kasama mga bata. Favorite namin yung Yakibuta, japanese mini mini resto sa Tondo kapag buong family. Kapag kami lang mag-asawa sa makikita kong bagong kainan sa FB na malapit lang at pwede motorin tulad nung Ambos Mundos,old resto sa Quiapo, Beyond Coffee sa España o sa Hideout sa Monumento.Happy New Year Aizha! 😍😍😍

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