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Fashion Friday: MONOTONE


With all the festive colors around you and on you, it’s nice to finally get back to basic colors (also, I ran out of festive colored outfits. haha). But, of course, I don’t want to be looking all plain even while wearing monotone colors, what better way to do it than through a ruffled skirt and a screaming statement shirt.

I felt really good and beautiful wearing this outfit and I think that’s the important part. It felt like this outfit speaks of me: basic and confident. It may look grand, but a slip on balances the extravagance of my skirt. I’ve been wearing slip-on sandals for almost the whole month of December, even to work. It was just liberating and comfortable. I think I may be on the latter part of this trend so I got this beautiful pair for only Php399. What a good buy!

The downside of wearing statement shirts are the dirty eyes and minds of some men. Argh! There was an old man who even read it loud and slow. The nerve.

Dear fellow women, I hope you won’t stop wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident. There will always be annoying and lurking eyes around. The best way is to ignore them and enjoy yourself. If it gets too annoying, then give yourself a favor and let them know in the most courteous way that staring is rude.


Top: Cotton On, Skirt: Half the price, Slip on: Penshoppe, Tassel Earrings: Pop-up story


Stay confidently beautiful with a heart!


P.S. I plan on starting a new series in my blog called “Everyday confident”; watch out for it, follow and subscribe on all my social media. Thanks! Love, love, love.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: MONOTONE

  1. Gusto ko magtry ng ruffle skirt pero parang hindi bagay sakin πŸ˜… Maganda sayo. Alam mo yung mga bastos na lalake nakakagigil. Yung isang tagasamin nasampolan ko nung ni-catcall ako. Hihi. Hindi na sya lumalabas ng bahay ngayon :p

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