Dear Niklaus | 20th month

Oh, Niklaus! How I have missed  writing for you and about you. It’s been five months, how time flies so fast. There are so many things I want to tell you, so many things I want us to remember, to look back and to talk about when you can. I have so many stories for you ‘nak. And, I know you do, but still struggling to tell them in a language I can understand. Will get there, I’m patient and I know you are too. Here are a few things I want and may be telling you everyday.

Sweetest kid. You never fail to make me feel loved with your sweetest kisses and power hugs. Every single time that you see me after being away from work, you always welcome me with your sweetest smiles and kisses and the best hug. When you’re at my office, that happens a couple of times. Ang saraaaaap!!! It totally melts my stress and exhaustion away. I pray that we continue to be like this even in your teen years. 🙂

My huggable little panda. Now that you are not as fragile of an infant as you used to be. I can have tons of power hugs with you, you’re the best pillow, the warmest hug and the fluffiest to hold. The best of it all is the you let me hold you tight for more than 10-20 seconds.

Most behaved and understanding. People would always asked why you are so behaved and quiet, and then that would make me proud of you because you really are the most behaved kid in the daycare. You’re still a toddler but your understanding is way better than that of an adult. We may not speak the same language but I feel and know that every time  I talked to you, you understood me, you listened to me. Thank you for being the best you.

Mommy pleaser. As you should be. LOL! This is just my observation so I could be wrong, but I think there’s nothing wrong about this. So keep at it!

Daddy teaser. Well, you can’t please everybody so you just tease them. Haha!

Meat and carbs lover. I know we should work on your love for vegetables and fruits. But I’m still happy how big of an appetite you have for meats, rice and breads. I know in time you’re  gonna love vegetable and fruits, too. Mommy loves them, you know.


Musician and a music lover. At this age, you already have your favorite songs “Slow Hands” by Nial Horran and “How long?” by Charlie Puth. Listening to music and playing music are also your favorite thing to do. Hope we can really nurture this interest of yours! You could be the next musical genius.

Courageous fella. You’re climbing everywhere you think is possible and when you get to the top, you tried and succeeded on standing up, too. You’re so proud of yourself and I am too, but you need to be careful and learn to climb on more stable things.

Adventurous toddler. However clingy you may get to me, I am so proud that you know when to let go to follow your curious and adventurous heart. Know that I am always behind you to support you in whatever good deed you’re about to do.

A runner and a climber. Something I am both happy and nervous of.

A dancer. Yes, you are. Those nightly dance party when you were just a baby paid off. Haha!

A reader. Thank you for your love to flip on the pages of your books. I know this is a good start of your journey as a reader. And, i’m sure you’re going to love every part of it. I can’t wait to have conversations with you over books and different stories.

Always cheeky and happy.  Your cheekiness and happiness are just the things that builds your personality and may in a way feeds your curiosity. It may be annoying at times, but it’s more fun to watch you than get annoyed.



I love you anak, and I love all our family kisses and our family hugs (especially when it annoys you,lol). I am so happy that you are now more sociable and can now mingle with other people.

That would be all for now ‘Nak. Let’s go back to cherishing and playing together.


mommy a

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