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Fashion Friday: Wedding Chic



Another wedding. Yay!

I don’t have a big circle of friends than I used to in college. I had been terrible in keeping tabs with people but kept few of the closest I had. So attending a wedding which is a milestone to anyone, is something I look forward to. In this case, we attended as a family. And, the dress code is formal. So can you imagine my excitement in buying a new dress? An outfit for my family? Haha.

Honestly, I’m not the only one who looked forward to it, even my husband, who wears what is comfortable, wanted something good to wear. Who wouldn’t, right? The theme is formal, and it’s not everyday we get to dressed up like that. So, we really made sure to look our best that day.

Achieved naman di ba?

So, I opted to wear this very flattering long dress from Apartment Eight, when I first fit it, I know I need to buy it. And, I’m glad I did. For my accessories, I donned simple statement pieces, such as my white floral drop earrings and silver sandals. Minimal yet striking. My husband’s peg is Charlie Puth in his video ‘How long?’. Achieved di ba!

For Niklaus, it’s still Carl Fredricksen. Haha kidding.


Mommy A: Grant dress from Apartment Eight; Earrings from Kultura, Sandals from Zalora

Niklaus: Buttoned down shirt and pants from H&M

That’s all, til the next one.


mommy a

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