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Kumusta? (My January)

I’ve been meaning to start this series “Kumusta?” that will be dedicated on me sharing how my life was; because I could really use a breather when life seems to be in a rush. And, I guess telling my side of story makes me feel lighter.

So where did January go? It passed. If I am to describe my January in one word, I would say “eventful”.

Let’s look back on the busiest month to date. 🙂

January 1 New year’s Day, we had an exchange gift with my husband’s extended family. It was so much fun and there’s so much food. I even came to a realization that I’m not allergic to crabs. Hooray to that!🎉

January 2 First day of going back to reality of adulthood. What better way to do that than waking up at 3 am in the morning. Going back to your house that was not clean for a week or two, and not having a help. So I decided to work from home, thankfully I can do that now.

January 3 Still no yaya, my husband needs to go to work and I need to go to. I cried this day, I just couldn’t handle the stress. Whew! Gratefully, my morning drama ended in the morning, and my husband volunteered to go with us and look after Niklaus in the daycare. I love you Mr. SE!

January 4 We have a YAYA!!! Yipee! It was a borrowed one from my sister. And, I’m so thankful for my sister’s generosity [I pray that whatever friction or issues she (my sister) has on me will be resolved in time and in this love month]

January 5 – TRAIN law seminar. It was a very informative session, especially the extended part and the great food totally helped in absorbing all those new provisions. It’s February and BIR has yet to complete issuance of implementing rules and regulations. So good luck to us!

January 6 – It was a great day for my good friend Yvonne. She finally tie the knot. I am just so happy for her! Her travel goals with the then boyfriend-now-husband was just inspiring and amazing. Weddings are also a great way of reuniting with good old friends. And, of course to dress up decently.

January 7 It’s probably the mix of exhaustion from too much partying at the wedding and the teething, because N got a terrible fever. I was so worried, we were so worried. It’s a Sunday, so clinics are closed and we didn’t want to bring him to the hospital because that would mean an emergency room and the husband and I agreed that it would be more stressful to him, so we decided to observe, give him paracetamol and wait for him to improve.

January 8 – The bebe has no fever, but still feeling sick and would not eat or drink milk properly. It’s really the teething, because it turned out, there are three tooth budding out. Poor bebe! While worrying for the sick bebe, this is the start of my crazy work load.

January 9 The bebe started to get back on his happy disposition but his appetite is not back yet. Had a great food experience at Canton Road, Shang ri la The Fort.

January 10 Niklaus got back to daycare and it was a good day for us. Set my annual work goals with my boss.

January 11 First public consultation by BIR on TRAIN law and I would say it was a box-office. Probably, the peak where I got annoyed with one of my colleagues. Haha!

January 12 Second public consultation by BIR. It was a reading session. LOL. Had chikahan moment with my team over lunch, then we picked up Niklaus for another day at the daycare. I’m so lucky with my boss (current and previous ones, they are just so nice, generous and really competent).

January 13 – Check up day for Niklaus! Height and weight increased, and 2nd arm vaccination. As always he cried for a few seconds.

January 14 – It was probably a lazy Sunday with no yaya.

January 15 – The start of my juice detox. I’m going to share that experience soon.

January 16 Day 2, can you imagine just having juice while all checking up your long list of tasks at work? Hard to imagine and do.

January 17 – Just excited for this day to be over and eat something. I tried to do some work-outs to help me not think of hunger, thankfully, work calls me. Haha!

January 18 – Started my no-rice /no-carbs diet and first time to hit the gym for a full one hour of pilates. Felt so good and exhausted.

January 19 – Had a great time in a planning session with my Controllers’ team , voted as the “Most Fashionable” and won a Pure-It Excella! Woot Woot! It was definitely a great day, amidst the terrifying work issues I had.

January 20 – Had a cleaning therapy at home. It’s so refreshing and calming to live in a clean and orderly house. We also visit the dentist, it was Niklaus’ first!

January 21 – Per my instagram post, I had a little bit of internal dilemma on my current happiness status. Idk what got into me, have you ever had that moment?

January 22 – Got an email from another online clothing store to sponsor a post. Eeeekkk! So happy, you guys! But now, I remember I worked from home that Monday and got a work issue, lucky to have supportive and reliable workmates.

January 23 – Had a buffet lunch at High Street Cafe. Need I say more? Hahaha, their laksa is just love.

January 24 – The stacking of Niklaus hit the daycare. Haha!

January 25 – Pilates day and birthday party at the daycare. It was also the day where marketing team in my company noticed the cuteness of Niklaus, hopefully it’s a start of something?

January 26 – I finally had a post on V-day outfits and it’s sponsored.

January 27 – Had a general cleaning of our house, including the patio. Thank you Emy and Liza for the hardwork that day. Now, our house is so cleaner and have more space. Yay!

January 28 – I lost my company mobile phone 😦 there are so many memory stored in that phone. huhu

January 29 – Had our passport photo taken. It was definitely fun. I have to include that dinner at one of our favorite restaurant, Jonas! It was in Robinsons Pioneer. Their serve faster than fast food and they are real and good comfort food.

January 30 This is definitely the highlight of my day.

January 31 – Month-end closing. I would say, busy is not enough to describe my day. But I’m glad to have ended January with a grateful heart!

How did your January go? Thank you for your interest in my life and reading all the way to this part. I owe it to your likes, comments and continuous reading of my post that have helped me to stay motivated in posting.

I hope to finally list down my goals for myself and my family. But, I think I have started on some of it already, hopefully I can write it down so I can monitor my progress.

Let the love month begin.♥️


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3 thoughts on “Kumusta? (My January)

  1. Naka per day talaga. Haha buti kabisado mo lahat haha! Sorry to hear about the issue Ate Iza (might) have on you. Im sure maayos nyo rin yan. Wala nman magtutulungan kundi magkakapatid din ❤️ So tatanungin kita sa TRAIN, Nakatulong ba talaga? Haha! Congrats sa sponsored post, A! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha the picture, posts and calendar invites helped, I also tried to really note key events or highlights for the day. Mukhang nakatulong birthday ni mama to lighten up ung kay Ate. 😊 haha in terms of net pay, yes. Pero marami kasing umaabuso at nakikisabay ng pagtaas ng price nila kahit di naman dapat. Hihi thanks Meg. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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