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So last January 11, I give in to peer pressure and tried a three-day juice cleanse. For three days, I only have six juice for each day. We ordered our three-day detox at Healthy Monsterwhere we got a discount since we ordered in a group of six. Here are what the flavors and contents of our juice:

juice cleanse.PNG
Photo from Healthy Monsters Instagram page

Day 1 Green: broccoli, green apple, green grape, cucumber

Day 2 Orange: orange, carrot, lemon, celery

Day 3 Red: apple, grape, acai berry, lemon, strawberry

I honestly didn’t think this through but still went through it. The three weakening days of my life started on January 15, the busiest day of my January. The little research I did also added stress to my already hungry self, because apparently, there’s no guaranteed health benefits of a juice cleanse. There are actually a few who warned us not to drink our fruits and veggies but eat them instead. Agreed to that.

But still I ordered. Three days of just juice, what was I thinking? To be fair, I gained some benefits on this juice cleanse, which is that my appetite had a reboot. Actually, I have not strictly followed the just juice for three days rule, although they allowed to had clear soup and yogurt, I actually had some cheese slice. I told you I didn’t think this through.

I’ll try to recall as much as I could on my experience on that hunger games.

Day 1 

It helped that the juice tasted really good and probably because it’s day 1. I feel quite relaxed and didn’t actually crave for anything and did not starve as I would expect myself to be. It was like a normal, without chewing.

Day 2

This is when the hunger strikes. The cravings and the cheese slice. The doubt if I’ll be able to make it to third day. In all fairness, the juice is filling but only for a few hours. Haha. And the day 2 juice is not as good as the first one. So, you know.

Day 3

I can’t wait for this day to be over and have some solids other than cheese slice. On this day, I started having acid reflux because my stomach had nothing but juice that are acidic in nature. But, hooray I managed to get through it (with cheese slice and yogurt on the side).

Day 4

It was advisable to also eat less on the fourth to avoid any unusual reaction in your stomach, so I just had salad.

And, from then on, I have been skipping eating rice and bread as much as I could. I’ve been eating lots of fresh veggies and fruits, snacking nuts and doing some workout. I would say, juice cleanse is a good start of living a healthier life. So, do I recommend it? Probably not. Hahaha! I guess eating fruits for three days would also work and probably be more filling.

Have you tried any of these fad diets? How’s your experience? Would you try it again?


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2 thoughts on “DETOX

  1. Hindi pa ako nagtry ng ganyan hehe. Pero naka IF ako ng light kapag weekdays. Last kain ko lunch tapos sa office na ulit ako kakain around 12 or 1am. I don’t eat rice sa office. May baon ako wheat bread (with palaman naman) or banana q na tinatanggal ko ang sugar or egg. Mas naging okay yung metabolism ko when I started doing this. Minsan brown rice kinakain ko sa bahay pag lunch 🙂

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