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Fashion Friday: Plaid and Button down

Plaid shirt from H&M, Button down skirt from, Sandals from Penshoppe, Bucket Bag from A&F

While thinking of what to say about this outfit post made me realized that somehow my series Fashion Friday is not very much accurate to its purpose. Since, I didn’t feature or plan to feature new trends or anything related to (high) fashion because (1) they’re really expensive and (2) some of them are just not for everyday wear.

On the other hand, I still want to keep it that way because this is me trying to express myself through fashion and styling, however late I am in the fashion trends. Like, for today’s post, plaid and button downs, which has been “in” for quite some time. Haha! On second thoughts, trends in fashion really goes through a cycle, so what may be trending today may not be trending tomorrow but can be “in” again the next day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re on a limited budget, stick to the classic ones or those items that can be paired with two or more outfit pieces, like again, plaids and button down skirts. I have been meaning to try button down skirts but they always seemed to not fit on me, probably because I was really out of shape then.

Anyways, I love this button down skirt, the color, the texture, and the length. It went perfectly with my plaid button down that I got for our Christmas outfit. What I love about this skirt is the color, it’s very striking and subtle at the same time that I’ve managed to pair with a red plaid shirt. So, it would surely go well with so many tops and occasions. Now that summer is just around the corner, I’m sure I’ll overuse this one.

For this outfit, since I’m wearing two statement pieces i.e., plaid shirt and dark mustard skirt, I decided to tone down on my accessories by wearing my two toned slip ons, stud earrings and bohemian bucket bag. This is not my usual look and I’m so happy to have pulled it off, yeah? I felt really cool the whole time I was wearing it. Do you agree?

Twinning with the little human. Actually it’s tripling with the husband and the little one.


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