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I just came back from a long vacation from somewhere cold , we got home early morning last Sunday. So we had a day to really rest and get ready for work, which was exactly what we did. We eat and sleep all day that Sunday, doing a little urgent adulting duties. It was a refreshing lazy Sunday.


Little did we know, that the much needed rest we had is something we would need for this week’s challenge of not having a yaya (deep sigh).  I’ve worked from home for three days since Monday, thankfully my boss and the company I work for understands and accommodates this situation. But still, some of my meetings are getting rescheduled because I can’t be physically report for work. It’s sad and difficult that I am really dependent to a stranger’s help for my son’s child care.  But I guess, it’s something I should live with in order to pursue my career and contribute to my family’s resources.

Honestly, I have no plans on blogging until I’ve settled my problems and whatever strong negative emotions I’m feeling right now. But, I really need an outlet, and after all this blog was made for that, to get me through this crazy patch.

I’ve been on hiatus for almost a month now, March has been crazily demanding in terms of work and my family life. It’s actually still demanding up to this point because tax deadlines are just in a few days. So, I am feeling a bit guilty for blogging instead of doing my actual work, but, wth. I know this would help me feel better and once I feel better, I know I will work better and faster.

So, what happened in February. A lot. The highlights of my February are:


  • Mom’s birthday celebration, which became an avenue for my sister and I to reconcile
  • I’ve received my package from zaful.com who sponsored one of my posts.
  • Niklaus faced his fear of tambourine so now he actively participates in circle time at the daycare.
  • Fiesta in Morong, it was a food coma for us and a cat chasing day for Niklaus 🙂
  • Got flowers and hopia for V-day 🙂
  • Got regularized at work, yay!
  • I finally claimed my prize from Jackie Go’s giveaway and we used it as a late family valentine’s date. It was fun! Especially the look on Niklaus when he saw and heard life-size dinosaurs.
  • Cut my hair short and lose some pounds.
  • Finished a book. Will share my thoughts on it in a separate post (fingers crossed)

I guess, if I am to describe February, it would be LOVE. Haha!

As for March, well, if February has been filled with love and so much happiness. March started with a very loud bang; so loud, it can paralyze you. And, yes, some days it paralyzed me, sometimes, I know for a certain why and most of the time, I just couldn’t figure out why. I wouldn’t forget waking up at 11 in the evening because I need to submit something for work and I was up until 2 am. It was the start of crazy March! Fortunately, there was a certain reward at the end of it, which was our trip to Korea.

All in all, March has been a wonderful and surprisingly amazing month, with big rocks along the way.


  • Got to catch up with CJ ❤
  • Weekends were spent with my boys, discovering new places to eat. Will try to share it soon.
  • Niklaus has been more cooperative, friendlier and sweeter. He now voluntarily claps his hand while singing haha.
  • Finally, visited Telas de Mercato. Can’t wait to go back and started my little project for Niklaus
  • Got some offer for affiliate programs, yay! More on that, soon!
  • The best part is going to Korea!!! Will share photos of that soon.

I would say March has been a fulfilling month. I also got to reflect on life and learned a lot from our first family trip out of the country.

I am now sick and still stuck in a question on how and why people commit to something and not deliver it. It was as simple as showing up for work. I’m praying to have a replacement for my yaya soon. I can’t afford to be a stay-at-home mom now.

In other news, I received a notification from wordpress that I’ve been registered for a year now, so it’s sort of my anniversary of being with wordpress. Yay! I’ve been more than happy to be blogging using wordpress and glad to have known more people through this platform. I’m so thrilled with all new followers, you don’t know how happy you made me guys.

Looking forward to blogging more this April and to share with you what I learned from our family trip.

Stay tuned!


mommy a

P.S. Thank God my sister was available for two days, so I was able to report for work and caught up with so many meetings. Still worried for next week though. Thankful for sisters from another mother, too, for giving me some much needed girls’ night out and to my boys for patiently waiting for me. Staying positive.

P.S.S. Happy long weekend!

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