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Travelling With A Toddler

My title would probably give some of you a lot of stress. As living with a toddler can be a bit stressful, too, what more if you’re outside the comfort of your own home with no help. Now, that my son is turning two, I’ve been asked if I’m ready for terrible two’s, hence, my intro about stressing on travelling with a toddler. But, honestly, with the kind of personality Niklaus is having, I’m not scared at all. I am actually looking forward to it.

Going back to our recent travel to somewhere cold, beautiful and culture-rich country, Korea; this is our first family travel out of the country, first family airplane ride and first time for all of us to be going somewhere cold. I kept mentioning that it was cold, because, one of things that gave me a lot of stress during the preparation was preparing our outfits, yes, ‘our’, I prepared outfits for my son, my husband and myself. And, how to fit them all in luggages with all the nappy, milk and other baby stuff. It may be stressful at first, but the prepared outfits really works for us, since we don’t need to think about it anymore, we just wore them each day.

Aside, from preparing for your outfits, make sure to bring your house, (I guess packing light does not apply to toddlers, we tried though). Even if it felt like we already brought everything, we still missed a thing or two. So here are some things that really helped us during our travel with our toddler:

Make a checklist of what to bring

And, stick to it and recheck if you really packed them all. I made a list for our travel, but unfortunately, some did not make it in our luggage, so we bought some when we got there and it’s not very cheap and did not have the same brands were used to.

Bring food, toys and books for the baby

It may feel like there’s going to be an abundance of food in wherever you’re going, but you’re baby may not be awake all the time when it’s meal time, so if you don’t want to spend so much in hotel food, be sure to bring some baby safe food.

And, bring their security blanket or pillow so they can sleep well even in somewhere new.

Books, babies and tours is too many to handle

Well, I guess, this is just me. But, when you walked for nineteen thousand steps, you just want to rest when you get to the hotel and by the way, you still need to wash your baby bottles, so reading books at night seemed wearisome on this kind of vacation.

Wear long socks to your baby

I’ve prepared coats and jackets, but I forgot to prepared long socks. If you’re going somewhere cold, be sure to bring long socks so even if your baby’s pants move up he/she will still be covered.

Be sure to have some sort of entertainment for your baby

It’s our first airplane ride and I thought since we flew at night that my baby would be asleep through out the ride, but boy I was wrong. Let me just say that it was a very dramatic night for us. So, be it a toy, a book or a downloaded movie or show, make sure you have one to keep your toddler entertained and happy.

Be prepared to not have good photos all the time

Yes, everywhere in Korea may be instagram worthy but you don’t need to take photos all the time and may probably wouldn’t be able to, with a baby in tow. Just try to enjoy what the place has to offer. It’s better to not have photos than have a miserable baby while taking photos.

Cut yourself some slack and your husband, too.

You’re in a holiday. So, just chill out and enjoy the time you have and the new adventures that are awaiting you.

Bring a stroller.

It’s a must!!! Especially if you’re baby weighs 15kg. and up.

Sharing some of our photos .









Travelling with a toddler may seem to be difficult or even impossible, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There was so much things I learned in just one travel and Niklaus has given me a whole new perspective in looking at things and travelling to places.

As to the beauty that Korea has to offer, well, all I can say is I’ll surely go back!


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