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Fashion Friday: Millennial Pink & Happy Red


I hope you liked my Nami post and the layout I did on our photos.

Anyway, since, I’ve put so much effort in preparing my Korea outfits, please expect to have one Fashion Friday post dedicated to each day.  As a way of welcome to our first day in Korea, I made sure to wear something “striking and sweet”. After several outfit edits, I’ve finally decided to wear my millennial pink jacket, a turtle neck sweater and a happy red leather skirt. Yes, I made up that “happy red”, because if you have millennial pink, why not have something for red (LOL); and besides this shade of red makes me really happy.

While for my accessories, I made sure to keep them in black for balance, but still keeping the details aligned with my “striking and sweet” vibe. Do you agree? In any case, I am really in love with this outfit; and I think it matches my stay in Nami which I would sum up as both “striking and sweet”.

And, as much as the preparation for our outfits gave me a bit of stress, I didn’t mind doing it because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Even the coldest weather of Manila wouldn’t push me to wear these kinds of outfits.

Oh, that feeling when you are fully covered in two to three layers of clothes, walking and even running around in excitement, yet you still remain fresh. I definitely am missing that, especially with the intense heat of Manila.


Beret and skirt from H&M, Turtle neck sweater from Uniqlo, Millennial pink jacket from Overruns, Shoes from New BalanceBag  from Kate Spade



Four more Korea inspired outfits, stay tuned!


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