Dear Niklaus | Terrific Two

Dear Niklaus,

Happy birthday!!! You turned two today, yay! I know your happy for mommy’s little surprise of going home early, planned on taking a leave but there’s just so much meetings I need to attend to. So thank you for being so grateful in that little surprise.

For your second birthday, we decided to not have a party like we did on your first since it seems like you have not enjoyed as much on the last one. So, for this year, we just prepared activities for you in celebration of your birthday and the milestones you’re having. We also made sure to allot time to celebrate with family. For this year, we had little field trips:

  • We played at active fun and under the heat of the sun in high street park
  • We went to pinto museum for some art appreciation day but was happily overwhelmed with the parks they have
  • I planned on having a cake smash activity with you but I guess you are old enough to not do it thinking it will be messy or will be wasteful
  • Pool time with mommy and daddy at the actual day of your birthday
  • For your gifts, well, I think we’ve got it all right (1) new book which you did not put down since the first time we showed it to you at the bookstore; (2) the wooden animal stacking toys which you are so focused these days; and (3) more animals, which you haven’t seen yet, but I know you’ll love given the reaction you have with the second one.
  • We also had a lunch with my side of the family and will be having one with your dad’s side of the family this weekend.
  • A little something at the daycare. To encourage you to socialize more, we’ve planned a little something for you and your playmates to have at the daycare.

I must say, I like this more than what we have, it is more focused on you and less pressure for all of us. Hope you had so much fun on those activities we already had and will have fun on the next one. We all want nothing but your happiness!!!

Aside from all the gifts and activities we’ve prepared for you, which are all to make you happy; I want to let you know of how big your developments are since the last time I wrote to you. As a competitive person, sometimes, I couldn’t help but compare you to other kids you’re age or even younger than you. But you showed me how I should not be that way, because what I may find you if I’m comparing (which I don’t anymore) being behind others, you’ve just make-up for far so many things. Your independence amazes me in ways I could not explain.

But let me just give you a few examples of your independence, ever since you can play on your own, but the past months, you’ve shown how improved you are at playing and packing away your toys. You are still learning on the language department (which you are working on everyday, btw), but when you’re hungry you would either say dede or get your own food or milk and will just ask for help to prepare it.

When you eat, you still prefer to eat with your hands (except when its ube jam) but now you are helping with the clean up of your mess, so thank you! You brush your teeth on your own, and you’re learning to scrub your body at bath time now. We are starting on potty training but mommy needs to learn more on how I can help you with it.

You love writing but prefer to use the magic slate so no actual proofs there, soon we will have a wall of your artworks. Aside from enjoying playing with yourself, you’re now the one who encourages us to play with you.

There are still times when you get so frustrated and you tend to hit yourself, but day by day I can see how you are improving in handling your emotions. And, I just want you to know that you’ve melt my heart for a thousand times now with your sweetness and appreciation.

I would never take credit for any of your developments, because this is all you! I love you Niklaus! Mama and Dada will always be here to help and guide you on your life’s journey. Sometimes, I just want to hit post on your growth but then I’m so excited for all the milestones in your life. I pray to be there to witness every second of it.


Mommy A

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