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Dear Mama | Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you had a blast and felt very special yesterday on the annual recognition of mothers from almost all over the world, however commercialized it may have become. And, I’m not speaking only to my mom, but to all mamas, mom, mummy, nanay, ina, mamita and all mother figures all over the world who would I refer to in the next section collectively as “moms”.

Yesterday, was a nice annual reminder of how mom’s role in our society plays an important role. But I hope this would not end with flowers and gifts. I know from my end of being a daughter, that I sometimes fell short of recognition of all the sacrifices, hardships and unconditional love that my mother has given me. Now, that I’m a mother myself, I tried to make up for that little by little in small magical ways I know. A little thank you would go a long way, unsolicited small gifts on normal days can make their hearts flutter in happiness, an I love you paired with warm hugs can melt all their stress and would give an instant boost in their day. Recently, I was very lucky to have the chance to spend more time with my mom, since she’s staying some weekdays with us. So, if you had the chance, take it, give thanks and love to mom every day you can.

As to you my fellow moms, I just want you to know that you’re very important, there may come a point in time that you feel that you’re taken for granted but, know that what you’re doing is much more than taking care of your children and building your own family. You’re building the future of this world. The way you would raise your child would determine how our world will be in the future. I know it may sound a lot, but it’s the reality we mothers must face, the reality the society should recognize during Mother’s Day instead of commercializing it with flowers and gifts. Although, I wouldn’t mind receiving both, right? Recognition is good but a fulfilled heart for me is always better than any recognition the world has to offer.


We may have different ways to parent our child, different point of views in life, but we all have one thing in common and that’s our unconditional love for our child/ren. However different our ways in showing our love, it is one thing that I know is pure and unconditional. I have seen, feel, live and gives it.


So today, I want us to all remind ourselves that it’s okay to not be okay, that our family need not always see us as the strong and all-can-do mom we wanted to be. It’s okay to cry in front of them, it’s okay to show them that you’re tired, it’s okay to ask for help when help is needed. It’s okay to not be called all the time because they can do things on their own. It’s okay to not be a mother all the time, sometimes you have to be yourself, too.

Happy Mother’s Day again, whatever goodness you are doing, I hope you continue to do so. Let’s filled our home with love and the world will follow.


mommy a

P.S. You inspire me!!!

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