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La Petite France


La Petite France is the second tourist spot in our itinerary for the day, as the title suggest, the place is just small and let you have taste of France. Our stay there was very brief and consisted mostly of taking photos using those colorful houses as our backdrop.

Honestly, you can exclude this from your itinerary (1) because it’s actually very far and (2) there’s not much to see. I actually planned on not getting out of the bus when we got there, because the baby is asleep, luckily there was some fresh strawberries outside of the park, so out of the bus it is. Thankfully, the little piggy woke up once we got there (which is after climbing a very steep hill, Korea has so many steep hills, this is I think why most of them are slim).

I guess you know now why we’re bilogan (looking round).


There are rooms in these colorful houses that were turned into a museum like this Marionette House which we find very creepy.


See what I mean?


My handsome guard!


On Niklaus – Shoes from Nike, Jogging pants from H&M, Mustard sweater from Uniqlo and Jacket from his cousins. He’s actually wearing a white polo and another pair pants.


Getting some rest after a lot of walking.


Blending in!


Family picture with Ate Trina, someone didn’t get the pink memo.




Someone is very into it.


Someone’s looks making pacute but he’s actually annoyed.


Miniature Eiffel Tower.


Stopping for some flowers.


The Korea Squad.


Daddy as the photographer.

We didn’t actually planned our outfits as a squad but look how we all have a common theme!

I’m missing Korea so much, most especially the easy breezy cool weather!

Stay tuned for more!


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