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Korean Beauty Haul


Aside from travelling for food, which I did a lot when we were in Korea, and collecting memories and #ootds (lol); another thing that I made sure to have is the next best thing that Korea is famous for, skin care. Luckily, our tour guide loves skin care and she’s just got one of the best skins I’ve seen.

IMG_3033So, when she shared with us her beauty secrets and where she buys them, we were a bit excited. Personally, I’m worried how much this would cost me. But when he told us that there are so many Korean beauty products disguising as authentic but they’re just water, (not gonna name names) so better to really invest on something that has a real effect.

She gave us free sample a night before we went to the beauty shop, and well, I wouldn’t be writing this if I have not seen the effect of it in just one use. I am not an expert in skin care, actually, my skin care involves just my water-based moisturizer and some sunscreen, but when the masks started trending I tried one or two but didn’t get what happens to me after using it, it’s probably nothing. With all that said, I present to you UGB’s water brightening black mask.  This is the real thing!

I used it once a week and it will instantly refresh my skin, even when I have a rash due to allergy. I’m absolutely recommending it. It actually comes in a glass container or this 3-steps  sachet. For practicality and easier use, I bought the ones in sachet.


The 3-steps consists of: (1) a foam wash, (2) black mask and (3) cream with black truffles.


Note that the mask should only stay on your face for 10-15 minutes otherwise it will have an opposite effect.

I also bought a CC cream and a CC cushion, the CC cream is a bit of heavy especially on hot days, so I used the cushion more often.

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Then, I found myself buying all these lippies from Peri Pera! They’re good and cheaper than the local brand I recently tried, plus it doesn’t dried up my lips.


Our tour guide cautioned us to only buy Korean-Korean products because others are just using water.


We may have a dent on our budget but we really got what we paid for. One happy customer. And, this is definitely not a sponsored post. I wish!

‘Til the next one.


mommy a

P.S. Summer is over and everything is just wet. I hope to see Mr. Sun soon. Keep safe and dry everyone!


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