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Fashion Friday: Pink Love

Hello there!

Long time no style post, and posts in general. Will try to explain my long hiatus on my next post (me pretending, someone missed me in this part of the world. haha).

For now, I want to share with you my growing love for pink things. I think I have more than five items that is pink and that is a lot for someone who is not a fan of pink. Okay, enough of the word pink. LOL.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a friend’s wedding and as you may already know me, I took the opportunity to look good without breaking my son’s savings. Luckily for me, there was an ongoing sale on one of my favorite brands so I got this dress for a steal. Can you believe that this is only Php500? Well, it is and it’s from H&M!


There’s so much to love about this dress, that at the moment I fit it, I knew that I need to buy it. So what to love about this dress, aside from its power pink color (not sure if that’s the right term for this shade of pink, but it’s how it made me feel so I’m going to leave it at that) and price? Well, (1) the fabric is breathable, it almost feel like a beach dress (it may actually that kind of dress), (2) the cut – both the high-low cut of the seams and it’s one-off-shoulder top, (3) the ruffles – I love how it adds volume to the dress and provides an illusion of a bigger bust and a smaller waist. (4) No need for accessories, as the dress is already bongga on its own!


Love love love these portraits taken by my friends using their awesome camera phones!





Following photos are taken outside my alma mater because they didn’t let us in.


Expectation vs. reality. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


My college friends whom I’ve missed so much, some of them I haven’t seen in more than 5 years. This is what I love about weddings, aside from witnessing a great love; it’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with friends.


Congratulations again to Roge and Don Torres!

So to my dear friends who are still single, please don’t forget me on your wedding day.


mommy a

P.S. Credits to Jhay Are, Jonina and Hester for taking these lovely photos.

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