Beauty in Black

It’s been a while!

There are so many things happening right now and I’m just happy to be squeezing in some time to write. I felt like I needed to write some part of what’s going on inside my mom-brain!!!

I have so many pending posts, style, travel and letters to Niklaus. I’m praying to have the energy and wisdom to finish them all. As a way of comeback from my long hiatus, I want to share with you this quick shoot we had in one of our weekend swims; so that explains, my bare face and extra-dry hair.

I am loving this rashguard I got from Our Swimsuit Manila!!! Simple, sexy and classy, the look I’m trying to achieve in my everyday outfits. I guess this post is my way of telling the world that I’m ready for mature roles. Haha!

Kidding aside, I have been meaning to write something about how I build confidence and stay confident and to talk about what kept me from being confident at some point in time. It won’t be easy, I tell you, it’s like exposing a long hidden secret. But, I’ll try.


If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know how I love eating and how I’ve grown since my pregnancy. Finding time and energy to squeeze in some workout time is really a struggle for me. So getting fit is taking me some time. Looking back, pre-pregnancy, I only noticed now how fit and good looking my body was. It was not Victoria-Secret-angel-good-looking, but it was definitely a beautiful and fit body as compared to what I’m in now. But, honestly, that is not how I viewed myself before, when I looked at the mirror, I don’t see good and fit looking woman, I only see the negativity. I was fat. It was a sad truth, but what is even sadder is that most people around me is telling me the same thing.

20180821_130951 (2)

So today, I want to tell myself that: You are a beautiful, strong and confident woman. You are raising a beautiful and amazing person. You never stop loving and looking for the goodness in people. Never stop believing in yourself and the goodness of the world.


To you who feels like the world is against you or when everything seems ugly. Remember to look inside your heart, the world may be filled with horrible things, but your heart is pure and full of love. Keep loving and make the world a better place, even with just a smile or a small act of kindness.

You’re beautiful and I believe in you! We can do it, yes we can!


mommy a

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