It’s okay to be boring!!!

Social media and digitization has made most of us live online, a study conducted that an American check on their phone 80 times a day  and struggles to keep oneself from checking for a period of only 10 minutes. That’s a lot of times and too little time offline.

Aside from this anxiety separation from our mobile phones, social media has been a source of depression and anxiety to some who wants to keep up with the latest trend, to stay on the go and have something new to post in social media. The struggle is real.

And, admittedly, I have been a victim of this in social media. I know it’s easier said than done, but planning your day ahead that excludes your mobile phone is a good way to lessen that screen time and social media time. Here are some ways I find effective in going away from too much checking on my phone:

1. Get a watch!!!

Just checking on your phone for time can lead to a lot of apps being opened, especially if there are several notifications.

2. Work using your laptop

If you have work apps on your phones and a notification came in, best to check it using your work laptop to keep you from checking your social media app.

3. Embrace boredom

It’s okay to be boring, I relish the moments of quiet time with my son. Of  staring blankly on the ceiling or the sky, it’s relaxing. This is my kind of meditation.

4. Treat boredom as a challenge

If you’re still struggling to embrace boredom, test your creativity and be creative in thinking of activities that will require family’s participation.

5. Plan your day

Allotting time for social media time will hopefully keep us from checking in our phone and postponing it to your scheduled time. You can start by having a 3x a day checking say for 10 mins each?

I hope this will help us to live more in the moment instead of burying our heads in our phone. Let’s focus on what’s happening in front of us instead of worrying how we will be posting it in our social media!


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