Christmas Wishlist for Toddlers


Dear Ninongs & Ninangs,

Here’s this year’s wishlist for your godson, curated based on his current interests.

  1. Books about potty, currently learning and training how to potty. The book we had “Once Upon a Potty” became a practice book for N to tear a paper. Hohoho! Some useful links: here and here.
  2. Christmas books, perfect activities for the bebe to learn more about Christmats. He enjoyed the halloween book and activities I got for him, so I’m pretty sure he will enjoy this one, too. Useful links: one, two and three.
  3. Wooden Tray Set, Niklaus loved watching MRT come and go especially when stuck in a traffic, which happens everyday. Useful links: here’s an article for train options.
  4. Dinner set, for pretend play which Niklaus enjoys these days. This one is from Seedstudios, I’m sure there are other affodarble options.
  5. Cooking set, yes to cooking at a young age.Since,we’re not yet confident to do real cooking together, will start from this.
  6. Squigz, here’s a link from amazon, not sure if available locally. 
  7. A good pair of pajamas 
  8. Rainbow tower, as you already know, he loves stacking and this will be a new challenge for him.
  9. Trucks or cars for transport, currently we have, digger,tractor, dumper, motorcycle, fire engine, and an orange car
  10. Animal and language toobs, yes, we love animals. This one is from Educational Toy Philippines.

More than the gifts, we appreciate and look forward to spending time with you this holiday season and all year round. We love you!


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