NYE 2019

Our new year’s eve was spent filling our bellies with good food, laughing out loud for no reason, dancing the night away and screaming to our hearts’ content. It was well spent with the company of family. I’m very grateful for them, for making an effort to travel to our little home and spending NYE with us!

Walking on the streets while we’re rushing to buy some last minute for media noche made me reflect on how blessed I am to be spending new year’s eve with family. I am truly grateful to be spending it in our home, with good food, with peace in my heart and with family all being healthy.

Sharing with you snippets of it. The dancing and screaming part was not captured by our camera but will forever be kept in our hearts!

I hope you had celebrated new year’s eve with your heart’s content, be it with your family or just by yourself.

Are your ready for 2019? I honestly am not ready for 2019. A lot has happened this year, especially the last days of 2018. I haven’t taken the time to really process and reflect on it, emotions were still lurking around inside me, ready to explode when time allows. I’ll try and talk about that in the next post, I really think I need to write it down.

For now, let’s all savor the remaining minutes of our holiday!



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