Today, I am down with the flu again. It started to creep up on me last Monday in the form of a sore throat, where I’ve taken several ways to prevent it, gargling with Bactidol, taking Difflam and drinking just warm water, avoiding sweet food. Thank God for that holiday Tuesday, I was able to rest and managed to report to work on Wednesday and Thursday where I attended several meetings.

But, after my last meeting yesterday, my body just said, stop and rest. I was down with a 38.9 degree celcius fever when I got home. I was dizzy and my whole body is aching, it’s a struggle even to go to sleep. And, when I got that sleep I’ve been waiting, a small and fat hand kept tapping on my back and on my cheek. Then these tappings turned into a hug so tight, I lost my sleep and was awake again.

I wish I could hate the person who woke me up, but it was my son and he only did that to spend time with me. He wanted to play with me, and I want to play with him, too. Even my whole body is saying no. We played, sang songs, chant our favorite words, dance a bit and he slide while I cheered for him. It was a continuous pain on my throat but my son needed me. And, I want to be with him. I’m a mom!

These are the days when being a mom is extra challenging, when being a person in general is hard. The past days all I want is to put a check mark on my to-do lists. It was a long one and the stress of not accomplishing them is just too much for the sick me. I apologize for the people I may have ignored and dismissed subtly. In any case, I hope you didn’t notice.

To these flu virus that keeps pestering me, the victory will never be yours. You may have won today’s battle, but wait until I’m well rested and you will leave my body sobbing. I will be all better and I will not be pestered again by you.

To my followers, are you still reading blogs? Because honestly, it’s hard for me to find time reading blogs. But here I am, still writing my heart out and publishing it for you to read. Hoping you’ll read it and maybe get some empathy or virtual love. Haha! I need all the love I can get right now! If you did read this post, leave some love.


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