Hello. I’m Mommy A. I’m a full time career woman, part-time Life + Style + Mom blogger, now Mrs. S and a hands-on mom to a wonderful baby named Sebastian Niklaus.

I used to blog at aizhaguevarra.blogspot.com but felt the need for a personal re-branding, and so I decided to create a new blog. On this blog, I would want to document my life as:

  • A wife, struggling her best not to be a nagger.
  • A mom, who is always on the search for the best way to care for his son.
  • A woman who wants to live a healthier and more energetic life.
  • An individual who wants to spread some positivity through her stories, fashion styling tips and DIY/craft attempts.

I’m in love to all things beautiful and thirsty to explore life and the world. Join me as I take you to this adventure of learning through my outfits, wandering, life hacks and my journey to motherhood.


For collaborations, projects and advertisements, you may contact me at:


You can also follow me at the following sites:

Instagram: @lovemommya

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