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Bukchon Hanok

Hello there! Long time no post, my day 2 photos of Korea has been in my drafts for two weeks now, just waiting patiently for my brain to put words into it. I've tried a couple of times to write before but between the bebe being sick, losing yet another yaya, meeting work deadlines and… Continue reading Bukchon Hanok

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Korean Beauty Haul

Aside from travelling for food, which I did a lot when we were in Korea, and collecting memories and #ootds (lol); another thing that I made sure to have is the next best thing that Korea is famous for, skin care. Luckily, our tour guide loves skin care and she's just got one of the… Continue reading Korean Beauty Haul

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N Seoul Tower

We got to Seoul post winter but pre-spring, hence, we were welcomed by leafless trees like those in N Seoul Tower. It was short of colorful but I loved it anyways. Totally mystified of its simple beauty and what it represents, that is hope of a colorful tomorrow waiting to bloom. This tree is making… Continue reading N Seoul Tower

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La Petite France

La Petite France is the second tourist spot in our itinerary for the day, as the title suggest, the place is just small and let you have taste of France. Our stay there was very brief and consisted mostly of taking photos using those colorful houses as our backdrop. Honestly, you can exclude this from… Continue reading La Petite France