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Fashion Friday: Plaid and Button down

While thinking of what to say about this outfit post made me realized that somehow my series Fashion Friday is not very much accurate to its purpose. Since, I didn't feature or plan to feature new trends or anything related to (high) fashion because (1) they're really expensive and (2) some of them are just not for… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Plaid and Button down

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NEVER CRY IN THE MORNING Especially if it's not caused by joy or happiness. It will surely affect your mood throughout the day and will definitely give you a headache TO NOT DRINK YOUR COFFEE IN THE MORNING Fighting sleepiness all by yourself will definitely give you headache, so be sure to have that cup… Continue reading 5 PRACTICAL TIPS OF AVOIDING HEADACHE

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So last January 11, I give in to peer pressure and tried a three-day juice cleanse. For three days, I only have six juice for each day. We ordered our three-day detox at Healthy Monster, where we got a discount since we ordered in a group of six. Here are what the flavors and contents of our… Continue reading DETOX

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Follow Your Child

A confident child whose not afraid to move and try things.

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Kumusta? (My January)

I've been meaning to start this series "Kumusta?" that will be dedicated on me sharing how my life was; because I could really use a breather when life seems to be in a rush. And, I guess telling my side of story makes me feel lighter. So where did January go? It passed. If I… Continue reading Kumusta? (My January)