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Garden Fresh

It's been a while since I last attended a wedding , I think around seven months ago. Who's counting? Right? Anyway, as you may well know, I love weddings. It's always my way and reason for buying a new dress, dressing up, and dolling myself up. It's that moment when everything is just pretty and… Continue reading Garden Fresh


Beauty in Black

It's been a while! There are so many things happening right now and I'm just happy to be squeezing in some time to write. I felt like I needed to write some part of what's going on inside my mom-brain!!! I have so many pending posts, style, travel and letters to Niklaus. I'm praying to… Continue reading Beauty in Black

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Fashion Friday: Trick or Treat 2017

  Halloween is my second most favorite holiday, next to Christmas. I always look forward to dressing up my son and previously my nephews. Back when I was a child, I can't remember being a part of any trick or treat activity. I think what we have back than were horror stories told by my… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Trick or Treat 2017