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Fashion Friday: Wedding Chic

Another wedding. Yay! I don't have a big circle of friends than I used to in college. I had been terrible in keeping tabs with people but kept few of the closest I had. So attending a wedding which is a milestone to anyone, is something I look forward to. In this case, we attended… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Wedding Chic


Why Family Meeting is Important?

Family is the basic unit of organization of the society, it is the foundation of every nation. As with the success of every organization, having aligned goals is critical. Take note, I used the word aligned and not similar, because husbands and wives and children can have their own individual goal but the same should be aligned… Continue reading Why Family Meeting is Important?

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Fashion Friday: Trick or Treat 2017

  Halloween is my second most favorite holiday, next to Christmas. I always look forward to dressing up my son and previously my nephews. Back when I was a child, I can't remember being a part of any trick or treat activity. I think what we have back than were horror stories told by my… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Trick or Treat 2017

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Fashion Friday: Slip on dress over a shirt

Last weekend, we attended a kid’s birthday party for Niklaus' cousin; it was his first attending one. But I'm not going to relive that moment here, maybe in another post. So my mother-in-law has imposed a theme for family which is embroidered outfit or anything with patch. Since, this gave me a reason to buy… Continue reading Fashion Friday: Slip on dress over a shirt