NYE 2019

Our new year's eve was spent filling our bellies with good food, laughing out loud for no reason, dancing the night away and screaming to our hearts' content. It was well spent with the company of family. I'm very grateful for them, for making an effort to travel to our little home and spending NYE… Continue reading NYE 2019


Christmas Gifts for Her

Dear Husband, As requested, here's my top ten wish list for Christmas. I tried to rank it based on what I really want and probably the price, too.  Happy shopping! Pink wallet, this one is from Mango, although as you may know I'm not brand conscious. A good pair of pajamas, this one is from… Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Her


Christmas Wishlist for Toddlers

Dear Ninongs & Ninangs, Here's this year's wishlist for your godson, curated based on his current interests. Books about potty, currently learning and training how to potty. The book we had "Once Upon a Potty" became a practice book for N to tear a paper. Hohoho! Some useful links: here and here.Christmas books, perfect activities for the… Continue reading Christmas Wishlist for Toddlers