Hooray to this government for the changes and improvements that we’re all experiencing. I know it’s not a lot and I, too have my own share of frustrations, but it’s nice to see that the government has been pushier for growth and improvements in whatever small ways it can be. We need it!

One of my favorite changes that they did is the passing of the law extending the paid maternity leave for female workers for one hundred and five (105) days. I know if we compare worldwide, it’s still not the best, but it’s a start. I remembered praying for this bill to pass way before my bebe pops out since I know the importance of the first few months and years of our little ones. Too bad for me, it was passed two years after, but still something we should be grateful and a good reason to celebrate!

Anyway, now that it’s here, let’s have a closer look on this law, aside from the said extension of paid leaves, here are some notable provisions of the law:

  1. An option to extend it for additional thirty (30) days without pay
  2. An additional paid fifteen (15) days leaves for solo mothers
  3. The extended paid leave should be granted to working mothers, regardless of frequency
  4. The mother may allocate her leave to the child’s father of up to seven (7) days, regardless of marriage
  5. The SSS benefit entitlement is only for those who have remitted at least three (3) monthly contributions in the twelve (12) month period immediately before the third trimester

There you have it! Best to still check the implementing rules and regulations to ensure your utilizing the maximum benefit available. With that, I want to congratulate the moms-to-be who will get to spend more time with their babies. Congratulations to the government for this future forward law.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the government will look next on supporting mothers and their babies in their absorbent years from zero to three years old. Like a subsidized daycare with qualified health care provider that will not only feed the tummy of the babies but also feed their mind and soul. This would really eliminate the discrimination in the work force for moms and would really help in the country’s productivity.

Hope this helps you in any way.


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