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Off-shoulder from Lola & Daisies, Shorts from Penshoppe 
It rained on our second day in Kandaya, so I was forced to stay in my room for the whole afternoon. Did I say I’m alone in my room, yeah I think I did. Any guess what happen when you’re alone in the room and the story of Candice Swanepoel was on repeat? Let’s just say, I got a lttle bit carried away and got full of myself which leads from one selfie to another, which explains the photos in this post.
Sunset is just on its way when the rain stopped, so I had some full outfit shots. Thankfully! Also, just want to share, the last one was taken by a Samsung Galaxy 6, and when it was trasferred to my iPhone5s it got blurry, but anyway, this photo is still picturesque to my eyes.
About my outfit, I have always been a fan of off-shoulder tops/dress, and I am really glad that it’s back on trend. This is perfect to ladies who want to show some skin but not confident or comfortable enough to show skin, showing off your shoulder wouldn’t hurt, right? Off-shoullder has a perfect mix of sexy and elegance. So go ahead and buy some for yourself, Lola & Daisies has a wide array of off-shoulder. Happy shopping!!!

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