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A few nights ago, we celebrated a dearest friend’s birthday at a new found place, Torch. It’s an intercontinental restaurant that offers, Italian, Spanish, American and Japanese cuisine. Here are a few of what appeals the most to our sight.
Cream cheese salmon roll
Panizza. This is one of their specialties so we got to try them. The combination of cheese, mushroom, tomatoes, and arugula is just heaven for me, and Torch mix it perfectly. One slice is enought to tickle your taste bud. (I may be overreacting so you have to try it for yourself to prove me otherwise)
Steak Panizza (top) | White Truffle Panizza (bottom)
Unlike the usual sauce of baby back ribs which is strong and overpowering, this Jabanero baby back ribs is just right and the meat slips out of the bone with no effort. Makes me happy just remembering eating this. =D
Jabanero baby back ribs
Didn’t get a chance to taste this because I am so full after all I had above. But it looks yum, yeah?
Beef short plate
Complimentary vanilla ice cream on a layer of pudding
The birthday celebrant. ❤
Chocolate mouse cake from Mary Grace ❤
Aside from serving delicious food, the restaurant’s ambience is also nice and we got lucky to be seated on the covered part which give us some feeling of privacy. They have three to four branches in Metro Manila, so go to the one nearest to you! Their servings are too much for one so be sure to bring a few friends on your visit! 

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