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Summer Lovin’


Finally hitting the beach this weekend!!! It’s been a looooooooooong time, no sea! I’m really looking forward to the sand, the waves and to just get out of the hustle of city life. This is the first beach trip of my family, yes, you read it right, Niklaus is coming. We haven’t pack anything, so panic mode later for sure. Lol! Any tips on travelling with babies? What to bring? Leave a comment or a link to a post!

Before panic mode starts, leaving you this summer / aircon ready inspired outfit. Hihi! The intense heat have pushed the confidence up inside me to wear some shorts. Just a tip, if you’re feeling a little bit insecure wearing shorts, I tried to compensate it by covering my top body parts. Love this soft denim I got from a factory overrun shop, it’s H&M in good condition and at a cheaper prize. My favorite and only backpack is from Mumuso, it always made me feel like a cool kid in school everytime I wear it, also very affordable, though, I have an issue with the zipper.

That would be all!!! Advanced happy mother’s day again!

Btw, will be posting my little giveaway tonight so follow me on instagram and like my facebook page!



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