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Tomorrow is another day!

I have always find writing comforting whenever I feel like hell or everything got crazy or even when I’m at my happiest. Somehow, when these emotions and thoughts are contained into words, I feel in control of them. Another thing is that when you write your thoughts or feelings, they won’t talk back on you. (Unless, of course if you’re writing in a public blog.)

You may be expecting some drama now, but don’t worry there won’t be anything. I would just like to share some thoughts i ponder on sometimes.
I’m like most people, my goal in life is to be happy or to always have a reason to be happy even what life may throw on me! But sometimes, I can’t help but asked myself whether I deserve it. That with all that is going on in the world, can someone be truly happy like I am right now? Do I deserve it compared to others? 
But then again you have to remind yourself, that if you can’t be happy when you have so much reason to be. How can others hope for happiness when they have nothing. This is probably one of the dillemas I have in my life, but now reading my thoughts make me realize something, that maybe if we will be happy when we should, then some people may find inspiration and hope in that happiness. A hope that tomorrow is another day to find and make that happiness.
Polka dot top from mom’s
Maroon pants from Forever 21 (also mom’s)
Chunky slip on from CMG
Go get that happiness and enjoy it! ❤️✌️😊

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