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Dress from Samlin at the Robinsons Department Store
Nude heels from Auztralian at the Robinsons Department Store


This blog was created so I can share with the world wide web my love for dressing and styling up. So when an opportunity comes up, I always make sure to dress the part. This time, the opportunity was my son’s baptism. We were told during the seminar to dress up appropriately and presentable which means no sleeveless, nothing daring, and skirt should be on or below the knee. This may seem easy but we spent a day and a half in two malls and in every boutique, to find that appropriate and presentable outfit.

We’re almost about to give up when I decided to look in the least place I would look into, the section for office attire of the department store. Then I found this dress, a simple yet very detailed lace dress. The moment this dress fits me, I know I have to buy it and wear it for the baptism.

Now let’s talk about the details of my dress, the scalloped hemline, don’t you just love this? I didn’t actually noticed this detail until I fit it. The sleeves and the shoulder part is a see through chiffon which subtlety adds sexiness to the dress. What totally made me buy this dress is the waistband and the vertical lines from the chest down which makes me feel a lot sexier with my body.

I kept everything simple and wear a nude pointed low heeled shoes (in consideration that I will be carrying a big baby), a pair of earrings and kept my hair pinned back for a more feminine and clean look. Since I bought my dress locally, I took the pleasure to look something for you in ASOS.

Let me know what you think on this outfit in the comment section. Thanks for dropping by!


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