Annual Christmas Photo


Sharing with you my little family’s annual Christmas photo. My plan was to have matching outfits, preferably pajamas but we found this plaid shirts and decided to give it a go. And, I think it was good decision.

But, I still want those matching pajamas, maybe, next year.

Anyway, last year, we had a photo taken with Santa Claus as our annual family Christmas photo, but due to the busy-ness of this season this year. We decided to just have a studio photo in matching outfits. But that, didn’t panned out as well, so with great persistence, we had our family photo taken at our own home during our wedding anniversary. It was taken as a selfie, a few minutes before midnight, thus, an awkward-not-smiling toddler. I still count it a success, even if we use just my phone camera


Here’s a blooper with Niklaus. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Since the toddler is all busy playing, we took this opportunity to take a couple’s photo.


Hope you all had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas celebration with your loved ones. Cheers to more celebrations for the year to come. Happy new year!


mommy a

P.S. Our matching shirts are from H&M #HMPhilippines. If you are also using this tradition, please refer me where else I could buy one. Thanks!

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