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N Seoul Tower


We got to Seoul post winter but pre-spring, hence, we were welcomed by leafless trees like those in N Seoul Tower. It was short of colorful but I loved it anyways. Totally mystified of its simple beauty and what it represents, that is hope of a colorful tomorrow waiting to bloom.

This tree is making me all melodramatic.

On to N Seoul Tower. I did say Korea has a lot of steep hills in my previous post right? Well, this place has probably the longest we climbed during our stay. Is it worth it? Of course! Haha!


View from the top. See those buses, that’s where you start the walk!

Me trying to tie my son’s shoe lace when suddenly my husband decided to capture the moment.


Young, wild and free.


Just being Niklaus.


Checking for the best love commitment and the rustiest love lock. 🙂

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Never alone.

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These colorful love locks made a wonderful backdrop for photos.


Since we have our very own love locks, right there in the middle of us, we didn’t bother to spend some bucks on the locks.

Aside from the love locks, Niklaus also enjoyed chasing the doves. He loves them!!!

Hope the Philippines will have more free birds, instead of in the cage.

‘Til the next one. There’s four more days to go.


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