Christmas Gifts for Her

Gifts for her

Dear Husband,

As requested, here’s my top ten wish list for Christmas. I tried to rank it based on what I really want and probably the price, too.  Happy shopping!

  1. Pink wallet, this one is from Mango, although as you may know I’m not brand conscious.
  2. A good pair of pajamas, this one is from Uniqlo, but, again, any good pair would do.
  3. Cute tea set, I prefer the vintage floral tea set, but a plain one would do. 
  4. Animal print loafer mule, here’s the link for this one. In terms of want, this probably should be on top 1. 😀
  5. White sneakers from Converse.
  6. Cylinder bag, this one from Mango. I love this bag!!!
  7. Jade roller, here’s a link.
  8. Silk scarf, again from Mango but there are cute and cheaper options.
  9. Baskets, available in Tiendesitas or Dapitan Arcade. Kahit samahan mo na lang ako pagbili.
  10. printer and a laminator, to help me in Niklaus’ activity.

Love you!


P.S. Dear friends, feel free to use this as your guide as well. Love you!!!

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