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Bukchon Hanok

Baby panda

Hello there!

Long time no post, my day 2 photos of Korea has been in my drafts for two weeks now, just waiting patiently for my brain to put words into it. I’ve tried a couple of times to write before but between the bebe being sick, losing yet another yaya, meeting work deadlines and dealing with people’s judgments and opinions are just enough to block those creative juices. Today, we still don’t have a permanent yaya, my mom just found us another reliever. That little panda already recovered from stomach flu but still having some after-flu-shot fever. Thankfully, I am meeting work deadlines. And, as to people judgments and opinions I know ignoring them is not the best thing to do, so I started doing yoga and tried clearing my mind to have a better look of what matters most. Definitely, not other people’s opinions.

With that said, let me take you back to Korea. This is probably one of my favorite stops we’ve had, I am actually looking forward to experiencing this kind of life in Korea, but I guess, I need to go back there and have a tour on their provincial side. For our Seoul tour, this was a good taste of what other parts of Korea has to offer. The Bukchon Hanok village is a Korean traditional village in the heart of Seoul. Totally Jewel in the Palace feels (haha)

Close up

I used to dream of having a house like this. Actually, I still do. I’m just not sure if there is someone in the Philippines who can build one for me.


Oh, how I’ve missed those days when we are sure that we still have a yaya to get back to.


Anyway, not in the photos but we saw a lot of couples probably having their pre-nup photos taken there. There are also some tourist dressed-up in hanbok, which was a nice sight on our uphill morning walk.

Never Alone

My #neveralone series started on this day. The bebe was up early wearing a panda costume so he’s not in the mood to take photos away from mama. Love you little panda!


Totally feeling the vibe of the place (as you may have already noticed)!!! And, well, the pink boots greatly helped in amplifying that vibe. So comfortable! Missed wearing it, hope I can wear it soon.

Scheduling the other two spots we went to on our Day 2. Watch out!


mommy a

P.S. Styling all by me and photos by my husband, for family photos taken by my niece.

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